September 11-13, 2015

The Westin, Atlanta Perimeter North

Atlanta, GA

Souvenir for Atlanta convention is published in Amazon. Here is the link:
It is a 70 page A4 size (8.5″ x 11″) high quality paperback in full color covering the convention from beginning to end. Like a photo album, it contains close to 200 pictures telling the story of the convention in detail. It also contains highlights of brainstorming session, key note, GBM, accomplishments, messages and quotes.
All those who attended the convention will receive a free copy. All life members (which includes founding members) also will receive a free copy. All others can purchase a copy from Amazon, currently priced $9.99.
If you wish to gift a copy to someone, you can certainly order additional copies from Amazon, it will be available there indefinitely. The souvenir for Charlotte convention is still available to order:
After you receive the copy please post your feedback, which will be very useful for 2016 convention in Long Beach, CA.
Front and back cover
At a Glance