As per NITROAA Bylaws, the board members serve for a maximum of two consecutive terms, with the exception of the current President, who gets to continue for three terms. There are several board members who are retiring, and the positions need to be filled before NITROAA SF2018 Convention.

NITROAA Nomination Committee is seeking passionate alumni to serve NITROAA board to fulfill it’s mission. Please take a look at the by-laws or contact some of the past board members and or executive committee members to find what it takes to be an effective board member.

If interested, please submit a two-page vita for the consideration of the nomination committee highlighting the followings:

1. Basic information (contact info etc.)
2. Any demonstrated leadership activity of the past
3. Why would you like to serve on the NITROAA Board?

Please send your nomination to Manoj Mohanty ( and Prof. Nikunja Swain (

Although self-nomination is encouraged, any member may nominate another member with the abovementioned two-page vitae. However, in case of the latter, please make sure to take the nominee’s consent and copy him/her on your nomination email to us.

The deadline to receive your nomination is August 5, 2018.

It will be the responsibility of the nomination committee to prepare the list of candidates that would go through the election process, if needed, following the guidelines stated in our by-laws. Just, for example, our by-laws state that there cannot be two board members from any single batch, similarly, there are other constraints as well, that we will need to satisfy. We will also try to have a good geographic representation on the board.

We will do our best to have the new board members in place before the San Francisco Convention (Aug 31 – Sep 2, 2018).


NITROAA Nomination Committee Members
Mrutyunjay Jha – 1997, Mining
Manas Panda – 1992, Computer Science
Bibha Pattnaik – 1989, MCA
Manoj Mohanty – 1985, Mining
Nikunja Swain (Chair) -1977, Electrical