Its Time for Toronto !

The NITROAA Convention 2024


Aug 30 to Sept 1, 2024
Event starts on Aug 30, 6pm


Toronto Airport Marriott Hotel,


Early bird registrations are filling fast!

Find more details about registration, in the link below.

Embrace the fun and nostalgia
with your loved ones

Join us with your partners, friends, and families. Or hit just a solo.
There is lots of fun awaiting every person attending the event.

Skyline Cruise
in Lake Ontario

Join on the cruise ride along Lake Ontario covering the Toronto skyline with lots of fun friends and conversations waiting for you. 

Curated Indian Cuisines

Cultural Extravaganza

Travel with family or friends! Or just go out there, solo!

A Perfect Urban Travel Destination




Royal Ontario

St. Lawrence

Art Gallery

High Park

Soak in the experiences sharing
across career and life

Find your tribe among the company of several like-minded alumni across diverse socio-professional backgrounds coming together from across US, Canada and other locations. 




Event Schedule

Our current plan of activities and what to expect when

Day 1

Arriving and registrations day

Arrivals expected at hotel

Registrations starts 5pm
6pm to 9pm

Cocktail Reception

Day 2

Morning, 9am to 10am

Welcome and Inauguration

Speaker Session

Manjari Chaturvedi

ABC at XYZ Inc.

Morning, 10am to 11am

Cultural Entertainment and Sponsors Slot

And a few presentations by

The Sponsors

Morning, 11am to 12noon

Panel Discussion

Digital Transformation in the post-COVID Era

Speaker Session

Soma Mondal

ABC at XYZ Inc.

Noon, 12pm to 2pm

Serving Lunch

Photo Sessions

Batches of Boomers, GenX and Millenials. Individual Batches.

Afternoon, 2pm to 3pm

Panel Discussion on
Smart Grid

Why say no, when Smart Grid is easy, available and futuristic?

Afternoon, 3pm to 6pm

Annual General Meeting

Various topics to be presented regarding Alumni Association

And a few presentations by

The Sponsors

Evening, 6pm to 8pm

Cultural Performance

Award Ceremony

Evening, 8pm to 10pm

Live Music & Dinner

Day 3

Morning, 8am to 9.30am

Breakfast Served

Morning, 10am to 2pm

City of Toronto Skyline cruise on Lake Ontario

Convention Closing 2024

Afternoon, 2pm

Transfer to Hotel Available

These are just a few of our successful clients

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Sandip Dasverma1965Registered
John Korah1966Registered
Santosh Misra1968Registered
Subramanian Kumar1972Registered
RavindraPal Singh1972Registered
Ranjan Mukherjee1972Registered
Jaisen Mody1972Registered
Raj Pati1973Registered
Kannan Vembu1973Registered
Ranganath Misra1975Registered
Ratish Patra1977Registered
Sugavanam Rajaram1981Registered
Atul Patel1984Registered
Ashutosh Dutta1985Registered
Sabita Panigrahi1986Registered
Giridhar Iyer1987Registered
Dileep Samuel1987Registered
Gurudath Kamath1987Registered
Shankar Jagadeesaiyer1987Registered
Subhas Khasnabish1987Registered
Munish Jain1988Registered
Venkatesh Srinivas1988Registered
Ritu Chaturvedi1988Registered
Purna Mohanty1988Registered
Prabir Mishra1988Registered
Sugandha Tuldhar1988Registered
Jitendra Sahu1992Registered
Manas Panda1992Registered
Sribatsa Das1992Registered
Ramanujam Satteluri1996Registered
Prashant Sinha1996Registered
Susant Jena1996Registered
Rahaju Pal1996Registered
Sanjay Rao1997Registered
Amit Agarwalla1999Registered
sudheer tripathi2000Registered
Vineet Agarwal2000Registered
Guddi Mohanty2001Registered
Chandra Srinivas2002Registered
Sriraman Rajagopalan2002Registered
sejo palathingal2002Registered
Prateek Mohanty2003Registered
Arobinda Tripathy2003Registered
Manas Ranjan Kar2003Registered
Manideepa Chatterjee2003Registered
Tarandeep Singh2003Registered
Dipti Wangu2004Registered
Shiladitya Bose2004Registered
Moinuddin Sayyad2006Registered
Bhupendrasinh Thakre`2006Registered
Badhrinath Padmanabhan2008Registered
Zuneid Alam2009Registered
Sahitya Dasari2012Registered
Satish Tumulu2016Registered
Devang Swami2017Registered
Skariah Kakkanatt1969Registered
Ranjit Panigrahi1977Pre-registered
Dharmender Mohindroo1985Pre-registered
Ravi Menon1986Pre-registered
Venkataramaiah Yechuri1987Registered
Uma Pariti1990Pre-registered
Sangram Pattanaik1994Pre-registered
Raju Ayyagari1994Pre-registered
Haresh Patel1996Pre-registered
Rohit Seam1997Pre-registered
Mritynjay Jha1997Pre-registered
Gaurav Thakur2003Pre-registered
Hemant More2003Pre-registered
Dinesh Goteti2004Pre-registered
Anirudh Parashar2004Pre-registered
Salil Popli2004Pre-registered
Partha Purohit2005Pre-registered
Akhil Kuduvalli Ramesh2006Pre-registered
Satarupa Dhir2013Pre-registered
Suroshree Das2015Pre-registered
Bharath Krupa Teja Mekala2018Pre-registered
Abhishek Mishra2019Pre-registered

World class venue, with a world class amenities

Toronto Airport

Marriott Hotel

Proximity from Toronto Attractions

Lounge, Cafe and Restaurant

Polished Rooms with Desks

Indoor Pool and Whirlpool Tub


The people and organizations that made this event possible






NITROAA Convention 2024

Toronto, Aug 30 - Sep 01 2024

Early Bird pricing ends in

Days :
Hours :
Minutes :

Registration Guidelines

Registration is a two-step process.
Step1: Use the below link to register for the event.
Step2: Using the Marriott link, book your hotel accommodation at a discounted price.


Please contact for any support, and we will take care of you.

Step 1

Event Registration

Early bird offers are active.

Step 2

Book Hotel

Toronto Airport Marriott Hotel


Sponsor a ticket

US Alumni for tax benefit

Refund Policy:

Registration is fully refundable till 15th July, 2024. There will be a charge of $100 for cancellation after 15th July till 30th August, 2024 on registration. No withdrawals permitted on registration after 1st August, 2024. Due to unavoidable circumstances if you are unable to attend the convention, please transfer your registration to another alumni to help the convention. Cancellations will cause financial penalties to the Organizing team in Toronto