We NIT Rourkela alumni cherish our campus friendships. What better place to reunite & bond with buddies than beautiful San Francisco! Add a great speaker panel, glitzy cultural events, top West Coast DJ, Wine Cruise and surprises for spouse & kids, you have a memorable 3 days of a life time awaiting.
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Time changes everything, except true RENGCOLian / NITRaan friendships. Come join your old pals to reconnect, rewind and recreate all of your special moments at the biggest NIT Rourkela meet-up ever!
Broaden your knowledge and experience from the informed perspectives of our distinguished speakers. Get soul enriching encounters with industry leaders and a lineup of top cultural artists.
Come experience the beauty of San Francisco, Silicon Valley and Napa, world’s biggest wine region. Experience the iconic SF Hyatt Regency on the bay waterfront, minutes away from top city destinations.


We have a stellar panel of speakers. 4 already confirmed and a few more coming. Our speakers underline two out of three key themes for the convention this year, Renew Bonds & Broaden Horizons.

Topics and other details coming soon. Keep checking this space. Reach out to your Brand Ambassadors or Organizers for more details.

CP Gurnani

CP Gurnani

MD & CEO, Tech Mahindra and NITR Alum
Michael Levitt

Michael Levitt

2013 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
Akash Khurana

Akash Khurana

Actor, Screenwriter and NITR Alum
Stephen Robinson

Stephen Robinson

Scientist, NASA Astronaut - 4 Space Missions
Venkatesan Ashok

Venkatesan Ashok

Consul General of India - San Francisco


Keep checking back as we add even more great sessions over the next few weeks!
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  • Day 1

    August 31, 2018

  • Day 2

    September 1, 2018

  • Day 3

    September 2, 2018

  • 07:00 - 09:15
    Hyatt Regency Atrium

  • 09:30 - 09:40
    NITROAA Convention team welcomes alumni and family.
    The Grand Ballroom

  • 09:40 - 09:50
    The Grand Ballroom

  • 09:45 - 11:30
    The Grand Ballroom

  • 11:30 - 12:00
    The Grand Ballroom

  • 12:00 - 14:00

  • 12:30 - 14:00
    Lunchtime show with NITROAA kids
    The Grand Ballroom

  • 14:00 - 14:20
    Since graduating from NIT Rourkela 37 Years ago, CP Gurnani has charted a trailblazing career. Prior to joining Tech Mahindra, Mr. Gurnani co-founded Perot Systems India Limited, initially set up as HCL Perot Systems. He also played a pivotal role in the three year transformational journey of Mahindra Satyam and spearheading the eventual merger with Tech Mahindra.
    The Grand Ballroom

  • 14:20 - 14:35
    From mechanical engineering at NIT Rourkela, marketing management, new technology and corporate philosophy to supply chain management and HR work system and so forth. We are talking about the academic side of the seasoned theater and film personality Akash Khurana.
    The Grand Ballroom

  • 14:40 - 15:00
    The Grand Ballroom

  • 15:00 - 15:15

  • 15:30 - 16:00
    The Grand Ballroom

  • 16:00 - 18:00
    Hyatt Regency Entrance

  • 16:30 - 18:00
    NITROAA EC and members holds the General Body Meeting.
    The Grand Ballroom

  • 19:30 - 22:30
    The Grand Ballroom Foyers

  • 20:00 - 21.30
    NITROAA band, skits, guest artists
    The Grand Ballroom

  • 21:30 - 01:00
    The Grand Ballroom


Dramatic architecture, panoramic views and a waterfront setting are just a few reasons why Hyatt Regency San Francisco is a top destination hotel in the world. An unbeatable waterfront location, easy access to transportation, state-of-the-art event venues and deluxe accommodations, is a perfect place to experience NITROAA 2018 convention.


5 Embarcadero Center
San Francisco, California, USA, 94111


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Sangram Pattanaik1994CAregistered-standard, cruise33
Seema Misra1994CAregistered-standard, cruise11
Mrityunjay Jha1997CAregistered-standard, cruise222
Om Agrawal1968CAregistered-standard, cruise22
Rohit Seam1997CAregistered-standard, cruise212
Sandip K. Dasverma1965CAregistered-standard, cruise22
Nihar Patnaik1991CAregistered-standard, cruiseHigh Tech, BusinessDevelopment Stage Startup, Founder, Product Management
Susil Panda1991NCregistered-standard1
Kamal Panda1990CAregistered-standard, cruise22
Manas Panda1992CAregistered-standard, cruiseHigh Tech, Security, Cloud, Distributed SystemsCisco Systems. Software Architect, Engineering Leader
Sitikantha Panigrahi1994CAregistered-standardBanking & Financial Services, Equity Research Wells Fargo, Sr. Equity Analyst/Director
Sudam Sahoo1978CAregistered-standard, cruiseIndustrial & Manufacturing, Management consultantNuous Technolgies, President, President/Managing Partner
Prad K Tripathy1997GAregistered-standard1
Munish Sood1989FLprereg
Ratnakar Kolli1990CAregistered-standard, cruise11
Ravi Menon1986ONprereg
Bishwanath Sahoo1998NJregistered-standard1
Priyanka Singh2012OHregistered-student11
Ajay Dubey2001MAprereg
Debu Panda1992CAregistered-standard1
Birendra Jena1973OHregistered-standard, cruise22
Purna Mohanty1988CAregistered-standard, cruise13
Madu Narahari1989MAregistered-standard, cruise11
Joydeep Tripathy1991WAregistered-standard, cruise22
Pragati Pattnaik1995CAregistered-standard, cruise11
Prakash Pattnaik1990CAregistered-standard, cruise11
Gurudath Kamath1987GAregistered-standardHardware & Networking, Power electronics EngineerPower Integrations, Applications Engineer-II
Amruta Patra2011CAregistered-standard, cruise11
Ashish Kundu1998NYprereg
Prasant Mohapatra1987CAregistered-standard, cruise22
kishore mishra1987CAregistered-standard, cruise33
sanjay patro1998VAregistered-standard1
Anupam Shukla1997CAregistered-shared, cruise, share room with Amit JayaswalHigh Tech, Finance - Operations & ReportingTIBCO Software Inc., Sr. Director, Finance Operations, Sr. Director, Business Operations & Analytics
Raju Ayyagari1994WAregistered-standard1
Ishpreet Pandher1991NJprereg
Prem Gandhi1967NJregistered-standard, cruise22
Lalatendu Mohanty1987NJregistered-standard1
Ranjit Panigrahi1993CAregistered-standard, cruise21
Sreehari Reddy1991CAregistered-standard, cruise33
Moushumi Roy1994SCprereg
Debjani Panda1997TXprereg
Palash Das1992SCprereg
Bibhudatta Dash1994ILregistered-standard1
Samhita Dash1992CAregistered-standard2
Ranjan Dash1998PAregistered-standard, cruise11
Sitikantha Parida1994MAregistered-standard, cruise
Minati Sahoo1997MAregistered-standard, cruise11
Balu Chenicheri1997WAregistered-standard, cruise11
Sambit Mohanty1994MOregistered-standard1
Mamata Das1987CAregistered-standard, cruise11
Subhas Khasnabish1987CAregistered-standard, cruise11
Surekha Dhal1994NCprereg
Kali C Das1992UTregistered-standard1
Pattabhiraman Krishna1990MAregistered-standard1
Giri Iyer1987GAregistered-standard, cruiseIndustrial & Manufacturing, Small business Fastsigns of Kennesaw, President , Iyer Innovations, Inc., CEO
Cherian Thomas1992CAregistered-standardHigh Tech, ConsultingTwilio, Security and Compliance Consultant , Calix Cloud, Cloud Business Operation & PMO Leader
Benolin Thomas1992CAregistered-standardHigh Tech, Customer Success Microsoft, Senior Director
Bharati Berigei1992CAregistered-standard2
Suman Samal2008WAregistered-standard, cruiseHigh Tech, ITMicrosoft, Program Manageer
Shyam Panda1997CAregistered-standard, cruise121
Prasanti Bisi2002CAregistered-standard, cruise11
Rajdeep Mohapatra1997NJregistered-standard, cruise213
Jnana Ranjan Senapati1998CAregistered-standard, cruise11
Padmasony sharma1998NJregistered-standard1
Abinav Munshi1996ARregistered-standard1
Shubhashis Basu1988UAEregistered-standardIndustrial & ManufacturingPETROFAC INTERNATIONAL LIMITED, PROJECT SERVICES MANAGER, EPC
Ashish Sharma1990CAregistered-standard1
Biswajit Sahoo1998CAregistered-standardHigh Tech, Analytics Symantec, Sr Principal Business Analyst
Subhadarshi Mishra1994CAregistered-standard, cruise22
Ranjan Tripathy1995TXprereg
Barada S Mishra1991CAregistered-standard1
Brundaban Sahoo1994ILregistered-standard22
Sachi Pati1996GAregistered-standard, cruiseBanking & Financial Services, ITIntercontinental Exchange (ICE), Senior Director
Namita Panigrahi1994CAregistered-standard1
Manoranjan Panda1991TXregistered-shared, cruise, Roomie: Prashanta Ranabijuli (1991)11
Phani Rajesh Mullapudi2003ORregistered-standard1
Rakesh Panda1998CAregistered-standard1
Nirmalya Patra1998CAregistered-standard, cruise11
Kannan Vembu1973MAprereg
Kamal Acharya1981CAregistered-standard, cruise22
Rambabu Yarlagadda1981CAregistered-standard, cruise12
Lakshmi Narayan Rath2003CAregistered-standard1
Manoj Panda1997NJregistered-standard, cruise11
Mahasweta Rath1997NJregistered-standard, cruise11
Ravindra Angara1992NJregistered-standard1
Dharmendra Panigrahi1997CAregistered-standard1
Raj Grandhi1981OHregistered-standard, cruiseConstruction & Real Estate Consulting, Real Estate Rootstown Realestate, OwnerCould not find on LinkedIn22
Prashanta Ranabijuli1991TXregistered-shared, cruise, Roomie: Manoranjan Panda (1991)11
Sanjay Rao1997TXprereg
Balaji Sundara1991NHregistered-standardConstruction & Real Estate Consulting, ProfessionalNewcastle Realty & Property Management, Founder and CEO, Product Management Leader
Prabir Mishra1988GAprereg
Sunil Mishra1990ILregistered-standard1
Ravi Somayaji1989KAprereg
Seema Sundara1991NHprereg
Shankar Jagadeesaiyer1987ILregistered-standard1
Devashis Das1991MIregistered-standard1
Sanjay Patel1998CAregistered-standard1
Abhijeet Barua2011OHregistered-student1
Pradeep Mohapatra1992NJregistered-standard, cruise11
Debi Prasanna Patnaik2002CAregistered-standard, cruise11
Debashis Pradhan1996CAregistered-standard1
Rakesh Kumar2003CAregistered-standard1
Samuel Poozhikala1987CAregistered-standard1
Pranav Khaitan2009CAprereg
Piyali Das1997NJregistered-standard1
Ajay Sabhlok1989CAregistered-standard, cruise22
Deepak Gupta2011INregistered-student1
Atul Sharma1997CAregistered-shared, cruise, Roomie: Vipul Saxena11
Naveen Zalpuri1996CAregistered-shared, cruise, Roomie: TBA11
Sadananda Barik1968NJregistered-standard, cruiseRetired, Engineering Management US Army CECOM (Retired) Chief, Strategic Satellites Communication None22
Ramu Kurapati1997CAregistered-standard1
Srinivasa Kottakota1994CAregistered-standard2
Raja C Reddy1991ILprereg
Chinmoy Mohapatra2011MAprereg
Sonam Agrawal2011CAregistered-student, cruise22
Raja Tripathy 2003CAregistered-standard11
Akshaya Mahapatra1993CAregistered-standard1
Manoj Sahu1993CAregistered-standard1
Manas Sahu2003CAregistered-standard1
Raj Srikantan1991FLregistered-standard, cruise11
Gary Krishnan1972TXregistered-standardUtilities & Energy, GenerationRetiredNone1
Jnan Dash1969CAregistered-standardHigh Tech, Software industry executiveJRD Software Consulting, Founder President
Ansuman Rout1997CAregistered-standard, cruise11
Kishan Agrawal2002CAregistered-standard21
Sribatsa Das1992NJregistered-shared, Roomie: Akhileswar Patel1
Deba Prasad Mohapatra1968CAregistered-standard, cruise22
Venkat Yechuri1987CAprereg
Sibo Pani1998VAregistered-standard1
Santosh K. Misra1968OHregistered-standard, cruise12
Ashutosh Das1994CAregistered-standard1
Partha Mohapatra1994CAregistered-standard1
Ranbir Ghotra1997WIregistered-standard, cruise11
Subodh Mishra1992NCregistered-standard, cruise11
Durga Prasad Panda1968MNregistered-standard1
Nikhil Kumar2011NMregistered-standard1
Kanhaiya Kumawat2009CAprereg
Hare K Patnaik1971MIregistered-standard1
Soubhagya Senapati2003GAprereg
Shashi Sethi1998NJregistered-standard1
Sambeet Patra1998TXregistered-standard, cruise11
Keyur Gorji1994TXregistered-standardOthers, Chemical EngineeringWater Equipment & Treatment Services LLC, President/Owner, Business Owner
Biswajit Nayak1996CAregistered-standard1
Nitin Sonkusale2009CAprereg
Dhirendra Srivastava1998TXregistered-standard1
Alina Mishra2002GAregistered-standard, cruise11
Uma Pariti1990CAregistered-standard1
Samim Riaz2008WAregistered-standardRetail & E-commerce, AnalyticsGroupon, Senior Promotional Marketing Manager
Rahul Roy1991PAregistered-standard, cruise11
Manas Pati1993CAregistered-standard, cruiseHardware & Networking, Engineering Cisco Systems, Inc., Principal Engineer
Nitin Laddha2005UTregistered-standard1
Suneeta Mohapatra1992CAregistered-standard1
Sapan Panigrahi1982CAregistered-standard1
Rashu Garg1998PAregistered-standard1
Manoj Mohanty1985NVregistered-standard3
Anasuya Mohanty1988CAregistered-standard1
Dharitri Pattanaik1991CAregistered-standard1
Deepak Swamy1987NHregistered-standard, cruise11
Akhileswar Patel1969NJregistered-shared, cruise, Roomie: Sribatsa Das11
Mihir Kumar1996CAregistered-standard, cruise12
Sumon Rudra2012Greeceregistered-standard, cruise11
Dilip Bhunya1992CAregistered-standard1
Prachi Sahoo2000CAregistered-standard2
Suryanaryan Patra1988Irelandregistered-standard, cruise13
Samikhya Deo2003CAregistered-standard1
Biju Muduli2003MAregistered-standardHigh Tech, Marketing Carbonite Inc., Senior Director, Marketing
Atish Kumar Patra2008CAregistered-standardResearch, Software Engineer Western Digital, Principal R&D Engineer
Akhila Mahapatra1998NJregistered-standard1
Brags Srinivasan1993NJregistered-standard, cruise44
R. P. Singh (Rajput)1972TNregistered-standard, cruise22
Shyam Patra1993AZregistered-standard1
Sanjay Mamidi1988CAregistered-standard1
Anuj Gaur1992ILregistered-standardBanking & Financial Services,High Tech,HealthcareCIO
Soumen Chatterjee1997CAregistered-standard1
Vipul Saxena1997CAregistered-shared, Roomie: Atul Sharma1
Amit Agarwalla1999CAregistered-standard, cruise221
Raja Ranjan Senapati1997CAregistered-standard21
Praveer Kumar1996CAregistered-standardBanking & Financial Services, ITFinxera, Inc., Cofounder & CTO, Member of Board of Directors
Amit Jayaswal1997CAregistered-shared, Roomie: Anupam Shukla1
Sunil Mittal1998TXregistered-standard1
David Abraham1990TXregistered-shared, cruise, Roomie: Ashraf Ali11
Ashraf Ali1990ILregistered-shared, cruise, Roomie: David Abraham11
Suparna Behera1989CAregistered-shared, cruise, Roomie: Bibha Kar11
Gopal Mishra1993CAregistered-standard1
Bibha Patnaik1989NCregistered-shared, cruise, Roomie: Suparna Behera11
Saroj Mishra1992CAregistered-standard1
Biswajit Dalai2015OHregistered-student1
Prithvi Yalamarti2016MAregistered-studentStudent, Data/Business AnalystNortheastern University, Boston, Graduate Student
Srashtasrita Das2015AZregistered-student, cruise11
Subodh Mishra2015TXregistered-student, cruise11
Bidhan Chandra Mohanty2016PAregistered-student, cruiseEducation & Academia, Student in Electrical and Electronics Engineering Pennsylvania State University, Masters' Student
Anuptha Pujari2017OHregistered-student1
Barada Prasanna Acharya2014WAregistered-student1
Prateek Gera1997CAregistered-standard1
Sushil Garg2010CAregistered-standard1
Arpit Mohanty2014AZregistered-student1
Susheel Singh2010LAregistered-student, cruise22
Neha Choudhary2016NYregistered-student1
Kumar Siddhant2014NJregistered-student, cruise11
Aasutosh Purohit2016NJregistered-student1
Isha Satyam2016NYregistered-student1
Alisha Prasad2013LAregistered-student1
Biswajit Maharathi2011ILregistered-student1
Venkat Peri1991TXregistered-standard1
CP Gurnani, Speaker1981Indiaregistered-guest1
Akash Khurana, Speaker1975Indiaregistered-guest1
Shantanu Behera, Assoc Dean-AR1998Indiaregistered-guest1
Jadumani Jena1978Indiaregistered-guest1
Ananya Patel2014CAregistered-student, cruise11
Sreejana Sharma2003TXregistered-standard11
Sandip Sharma2003TXregistered-standard1
Rani Acharya1997GAregistered-standard, cruise11
Vinita Agarwal1987CAregistered-standard1
Ashutosh Dutta1985NJregistered-standard2
Ashok Agarwalla1984TXregistered-standard1
Rutwik Rath2011MNregistered-student1
Nav Jiwan Singh2000CAregistered-standard1
Anil Wassan1972MAregistered-standard1
Harpreet Gill1992CAregistered-standard3
Surekha Gill1992CAregistered-standard1
Rakesh Agrawal1991CAregistered-standard2
Sanjay Kanungo1989AZregistered-standard2
Asish Sahu1992CAregistered-standard1
Anand Amrit2014IAregistered-student1
Swaroop Patnaik1980CAregistered-standard2


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